Wingman - A sexual consent application.

Key features

  • Functionality: The app can provide hard evidence for consent during sexual activity. It can trace back to the activities.
  • Usability: The app UX can use just open the app and put the phones next to each other while having fun.
  • Privacy: The app keeps the sexual activities consent secret while anonymously record on the public ledger.

How it works

  • All the smartphones in sexual activities have installed the app.
  • The app automatically generates a unique ID for the user and will not change even reinstall the app.
  • All partners open the app and keep the phone next to each other during the activity.
  • The app will broadcast the derivative key from the ID and time code to nearby devices using the Bluetooth LE beacon (similar technology that uses for contact tracing the COVID-19)
  • The sounds of the activity will be listening and use artificial intelligence to actively determine sexual consent level during the sexual activity. Full sound recording is optional.
  • The sexual consent levels will be recorded and sent to the public ledger(A blockchain) with the derivative keys of the user's IDs involved in the activity.
  • Law enforcement can retrieve the consent records by getting the ID of the victim and the suspect with the time code for key to the relevant records.
  • More information can be retrieved offline in the phone app.

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