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New Blog on IPFS

Posted on 3 mins read

Today is another lucky day of me. I start my day staring on my phone on the bed before do anything like everyone on this planet does.
I wake up not too late or too early. I got some time to take my breakfast unlike the other days. I always start my work day with updating my laptop OS. It’s Ubuntu 17.10 Linux. I love how it got Gnome shell back after the long using Unity. I am not afraid of try new thing. I checking email find some information for my team and drafting full-stack developer job description for hiring. I just copy it from Gitlab the mixing with our reality and I won’t forget to ask my team how this place so special that other.
Then I was the time for sprint planing. I not easy task to estimate how big a task be so we won’t estimate. We know what we want to make and it’s mostly ASAP. We just have to put all we got and let the effort be a great excuse when it not finish.
That how we continue innovate. I felt really sorry when one of my team left last month. I know he just burnout. My plan to give him closely work cannot help. He hardly participate in any meeting and casual talk.

My task this week to making a Bitcoin exchange. I start design and get the security architect for another world class exchange for a couple week. Last week I start implement graphql on this project, to be the good fundamental and responsively to change. I really like the concept. I want to make it myself before Facebook open it and finally I make it work. I move to help other solve their problem too. That what I always want when I was younger.

I got home after play OverWatch games. I start to thinking about this fictional story of my. How I gonna public it and I won’t lost it. I start thinking about IPFS (the InterPlanetary File System). It is a permanent peer to peer web. The name came from how slow like requesting from another planet, I guess. It come to my interest when I bought 4 of Raspberry PI 3 and has nothing to do with it. So I set it up to test the IPFS and hope I got better idea from a giant shoulder. My router hot like getting fever after then. But It will serve this fiction well. I setting up a static web generator and compile IPFS from source just for fun. Start by the quick start. I wish for my luck and it took me 3 hours to get my willpower to work and my super lucky power rewarding me. The site up and running. I am really the luckiest man alive.