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Posted on 4 mins read

I stop using my lucky ability for a while. I think I should focus it on something big and more impact for the world than my personal profit. I’ve spent my new year weekend on Netflix and the Bitcoin Center Thailand (BCT) decoration. I was lay the fake grass floor my my self. It was terrible but still good for beginner labor like me and my team. The Bitcoin Center Thailand intent to draw a media on cryptocurrency. My boss really a marketeer, I can say it. I never ever try to open physical place. I think online is the best way to engage people. My boss bet against me and brag on the opening event. On the day, people come more than we expected, no seat and have to listen outside. BCT have a little cafe inside and poster of information about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. The cafe run by a friend of my boss. His point is using coffee to reduce resistance for visiting a strange place. The cafe is behind Starbuck, the world class place that selling atmosphere of drinking coffee. This is the suicide business and my boss friend is brave enough to accept the job. Before my boss and I went apart to weekend. I talk to him about I wasn’t happy about a contract about company own any software I create even I use the spare time to make it. I was draft on a bad behavior of an ex-employee that try to sell software company assigned. And he gave a reason that he using his spare time. Then after that every employee will have to sign the contract to give right of all software creation to company but other thing than that like photo, writing, drawing, youtube video, money on investment are allow. I am a programmer fulltime and making software is a hobie too. this is not fare and I know it since I signed it but I asked my boss and he said never intent to sue someone with it anyway and his intention was never in the contract. It depend on trust. I start thinking about how employee can start or contribute opensource projects. It will never allow. One of my team making a funny project on weekend and it make him a bad guy who was focus on assign task. I think it would be better if side project will make people more create and pick up some skill from it. The fight have to break before we get conclusion. Leaving a question on my long holiday. I coding nothing making nothing unlike before on the new year holiday. I got raised anyway.

I pick up a book on the library to killing time. It about how people make wrong decision about number and economic. The book is “Misbehaving: The Making of Behavioral Economics”. I felt like my luck workout when I found this book. A point on the book is why we want to work more when we got more salary than we can normally use to improve life quality. Why don’t we work less hour instead get raise. I took concept in my head. Another week I found another book named 10% startup and It talk about using a small time of work to create a new business. I got and idea for negotiating with my boss about the contract. I will buy back 10% of my time and use it to create whatever I want and company will have no right about it. I am crazy and cannot sleep for a night and my and making an appointment with headline “Salary Negotiation”.

The meeting start with my statement “Do you have the number?”. My boss have no idea what is coming. He state that he was paid me enough on industry standard but will hear me out. I have to stop him before he starting to over drama. I come to reduce my 10% of my salary for doing whatever I want on the 10% of time I buy back. He seem to lost and ask more question about why I think this is the best way. I keep telling my intention and the benefit of me making side project. He convinced and give me the 10% of my time without buying back and promising seed fund and mentor if the project is really get going. My luck start to work like the way the super hero do this time. I am so excite about what I gonna create and hope my luck always work like this.