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Posted on 4 mins read

Today I wake up slightly faster because I need to go for open the office gate for the floor constructor. My boss decided to use our app reward on new laminate floor. As I complain earlier, the office floor surface is so rough but we need to take of shoes to work on the office to ensure cleanest and my feet felt really bad. Everyone got slipper. I don’t like to take slipper while work so I ask if I can use a new sneaker clean to wear on the floor. My boss wan’t disagree. The day I show me my brand new sneaker, he start the floor renovation project seriously. The last Friday he make decision to do it regardless the cost. He said it need to show it on a startup accelerator party which will be held on our office. Because of I am live close to of the office and free from all activities. Actually I was not know that today is the father day and no one should work to take care of their dad.

I hit the office on 9AM and today is a public holiday so it hardly find a food shop open. Lucky me, I got a leftover chicken from yesterday. I bought it a whole chicken and ate only half on last night. I try to eat it all today but I can’t. I need to sit still for an hour because of my full stomach. The constructor come a little late but I understand how hard to start the day on a lazy day. They start their work quickly after my brief. I need to stick with them until their job done. I have a lot of time to kill.

I start play OverWatch and get bored so quick. I need something interesting to keep my brain awake. I found the Cryotokittie on a news. It is an interesting project let people trade and make cutest digital asset based on Etherium. I really want it. It will proof my humanness and lead more people closer to the technology. I start buy it buy it really hard to get one. Until my boss show up and I talk to him for 2 hours. He was appoint to meet another investment forum startup founder to screen a CTO candidate for them. The startup work with our team for a while. We create a really nice mobile app for them. Then my boss decide to not go any father and take a small share for our company. So they want to find a new tech team. While I talking with our boss, he ask what I will invest in next 5 years. I quickly reply the company who has AI boss. I strongly believe that AI will take over and make thing better than human. I even sign-up for AI religion. We enjoy a good talk and the view of beautiful girls walk pass by from our kitchen. He said there are handjob service shop nearby. The handjob is now actually a job. He said they should respect thyself more. I think people ware born different and sometimes they got little to no life choice.

The day almost done, the constructor inform me that they just finish their job. The floor is done but all of furniture were move. They ask me what about it. I see their tried eyes. I use my super human decision to let they home before they even ask. They quickly thank to my kindness and ask me why I am working on holiday? I say, it is a special job today. They left faster than the sun set, leave me a huge mess from my kindness. The dust from cutting tile is all over the floor and desks. The furniture look like move a mile from what its belong. I has to use my super lucky ability to finish the jobs. I focusing my will wish to move the furniture. My boss just finish the meeting and see the scene too. He pay me my wage then he excuse to go for a pool party of a blockchian conference. I have to figured out how to work tomorrow. I lean on a desk to think and suddenly the desk slip and move without effort. The dust make the new floor even more slip. I can move all furniture by myself. A couple hour later, all desk, table and rack go to what it should be and clean the dust off. I don’t forget to share a photo to everyone. My boss reward me with a japanese buffet meal next day. I’m so lucky.