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Artiya The Luckiest Man Alive

Posted on 5 mins read

My name is Artiya Thinkumpang and I am the luckiest man alive when I was a child I should stop stealing The Flash intro just now. In fact, I just discover my super power after I was shocked by the electric in my room yesterday. I woke up with my headache and smell piss and beer in my plant. I think I lost some memory. I don’t remember exactly what happen to me but lucky I am still alive. The Friday night I was drink hard after work. I met my boss when I’m going to eat from microwave food alone as usual. He invite me to a party near our office. I was drinking root beer in front of 7-11 in the middle of night life street RCA. My boss set the office closest to his childhood dream place. If I was him I would set the super high tech office in a big forest in the middle of nowhere, the best childhood dream I’ve ever imagine. It was a party for a corporate VC and startups who they interested to invest in. The party held in a club I never step my feet on even I was live really close. The party organizers are 2 hot girls in night dress. My boss show me their pic before and I have no interested in. It got plainly of beer and I will not start drinking it If I not finish my root bear. I love free drink. If fact I will never pay for damaging my brain with alcohol unless someone pay for it. I let it slight sometimes. I am human more than I should.

I catch my eyes on a girl who coming late. She was waring a white shirt and white jean, her lower body look stronger than normal women, her hight about my nose and her smile was taking my breath. She is really my type. I start drinking actual beer after that to clam my nerve. I invited to play Janka and I never play it before but I take general rule of physic by taken lower block as possible. A couple turn we got the loser who must drink a glass of beer. I start focusing on my favorite girl and she came with her man who took care of her meal and drink. We start to play a new game. It required all person sit around and each shout A, B, C (I don’t recall the actual shout) in clockwise and who shout C need to point to anyone who will start shout A next. Who make mistake or not pay attention must drink a beer. Lucky me, she was sitting in front of me. I point to her when I got a chance, she was look at me and start complaining with her eyes. I can’t take my eye of her anyway. She not the kind that drink a lot and a couple time later she blaming me and I was the one who drink for her. I was on my limit I drank 4 beer in a row and we have to stop the game. I sat next to her after that and she start talking to me. She ask who am I and why I come here. She though I am a CTO somehow and I guess I was wear a nice shirt. I wear it every Friday I case of I meet a girl I like, I would be a little more confident. She introduce herself as CEO of a healthcare startup to help people meet psychiatrists or psychologist. She is a dentist. I remember her somewhere before on Thailand startup festival. I took my walk home time after party to recognize her. She was the one I really like when she share her vision on the stage. I share everyone on the office that I like her that day. I think even I really like her I would never meet her in my real life anyway. She will save from me. I falling in love with her kindness soul before we met. The last thing I remember on Friday night.

I took the Saturday to recover and on the Sunday I want to read a book. It in a library near my place. I want to try my feeling lucky by try to walk to the library. Crossing the road under tollway and walking alone on a foot path with numerous danger in Bangkok could be the last thing I do in my life. Lucky I survive the trip. I read like 100 pages the book on behavioral economic. I went to a cinema to buy a ticket for a movie with auto ticket machine it took longer than usual to print a ticket. It blur and almost lost the detail but lucky me this must be the last ticket of the machine before it ran out of ink. I go back to the library and read more. I notice a girl I like on this library. I don’t know why she keep coming to this library she don’t even read any book or taking note today like before. I start to thinking about what I want with her and I need to careful what I wish. More lucky I am, more my will power needed and bigger consequence. Oh I just notice I wish I she her here. I wanted to take more risk. I wish her smile when I look at her and she did. She smile at her phone when she walk pass me to out side the library to use the phone. I am the lucky to see her smile nothing less. After I watch the movie I got to my room without press the lift floor. Someone mistakenly press it for me. I use little to intention to press the button. I think about my power of luck work in mystic way.